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Who we are

In the large-sized digital printing market, we have been active for almost 20 years. During this time, we have accomplished tens of thousands of projects, getting positive feedback from hundreds of customers. Over the last 10 years, we have expanded our activity beyond the national borders. As a result, we meet the highest international requirements and standards of quality and we are able to reach even the farthest corners of Europe.

Our Values

We always put our customer's needs first, therefore we carefully focus on the high quality of our products, materials selection and we always hit the deadline. A positive opinion of a satisfied customer is one of the greatest value to us. However, absorbed in work, we never forget about our employees. Our team consists of people full of passion and skills. We make sure that they come to work with a smile and can enjoy their work in a good atmosphere

Our mission

Digital printing is not only our job but most of all, our passion. We do everything to help our customers, employees, suppliers, and shareholders spread their wings and develop their full potential. We cooperate only with the best specialists and use the newest digital printing technologies while ensuring that our company always has a lot of good energy and a positive atmosphere.


We offer work in perfect conditions, looking after the comfort of each employee and a positive atmosphere. We want to develop and discover your full potential to help you create the future you have always dreamed of. Our company has many interesting posts so that everyone could fit in.

Printing technologies


Large-sized printing

Unlimited size and an extensive selection of substrates. The secret lies in the UV inks - cured with ultraviolet radiation and one of the newest UV printing machines available on the market EFI MATAN 5. As a result, we can immediately obtain materials rich in color, ready for use. They are distinguished by the quality and sharpness of the image, at the same time possessing high resistance to the harmful effects of weather conditions. Our employees will be happy to help you choose the highest-quality production material. Our project will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer.


Textile materials

By using high temperature (180-200 ° C), the pigment contained in the inks undergoes
rapid conversion from solid to gas state penetrating deep into the polyester fibers, and then they are closed in them. The effect of this technique is a print resistant to abrasion, washing, or fading. Machines of the recognized brands EFI or Mimaki allow us to use the full potential of this method. The direct printing technology shortens the lead time and significantly increases the quality of products.


Unique latex and water-based inks are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This combination offers environmentally friendly paint which is harmful to human health. After the water evaporates, the design remains with saturated and intense colors, leaving no irritating odors. The best HP equipment on the market creates unlimited possibilities in the choice of colors and media options for your projects. Our latex printing is lasting, resistant and it is a perfect option for those looking for ecological solutions combined with high quality.


Solvent technology, despite its high toxicity and intense smell, has so many advantages that it quickly became the leader in the large-format printing market. Therefore, seeking the perfect solution, our company chose Eco Solvent. While maintaining all the advantages of solvent technology, it eliminates its biggest disadvantages. The inks are lactic acid based, which makes them odorless, safe for health and the environment. Saturated colors, precision, and durability make it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our Offer


In our offer, you will find all types of printed banners (vinyl, mesh, textile with any finishing method). With two separate post-production lines, we are ready to carry out many orders independently. With our capacity, we are able to create over 5000m2 of completed projects per day!

We produce:

● Backlit
● Laminated banner
● Blockout
● Frontlit
● Net


This is our primary product group. By using the most professional equipment. We are ready to implement even the most creative ideas. Our systems lead the way in many European markets, we release hundreds of ready orders every day. That makes us an example of a company where quality combines with competitive prices.

We produce:

  • Textile banner NOT WOJEN
  • Textile banners
  • Beachflags
  • Flags with hems

Using an independent and isolated production line we are able to produce up to 200 roll-ups per day. We always make sure that our products reach you undamaged, paying attention to the way they are packed. With the same care, we produce textile walls. Our seamstresses are highly professional and produce up to several dozen sets every day. Quality control takes place every day to make sure that the fabric is properly stretched on the frame.

We produce:

● Roll-ups
● Textile walls
● Textile walls with velcro


A product which has gained extreme popularity on the market and it is already being used practically everywhere. Our extensive machine park is ready to fulfill your ideas. The rest leave to us, we will take care of their quality and durability. Our products will meet the standards of even the most demanding customers. Environmental protection and low prices are what make us the leader on the market.

We produce:

● Plotter foils
● Specialist foils
● Standard foils


Advertising sunbeds, poufs, upholstery materials, pads, and much more. Cotton printing creates many possibilities. The latex technology makes the print resistant to washing up to 30 ℃.

We produce:

● Director chairs
● Sunbeds
● Advertising tablecloths
● Advertising pillows
● Poufs


A product group that we are still dynamically developing. The development of sublimation technology allowing production up to 3m wide let us implement new materials. Compared to UV backlit printing, they are odorless and non-toxic. High quality is a standard, but most of all, each printout for aluminum frames has perfect dimensions.

We produce:

  • Wall-mounted aluminum frame system
  • Illuminated aluminum frame system
  • Free-standing frame system

The implementation of your ideas gives us enormous satisfaction. Our work decorates many private and public spaces in Poland and abroad. Years of experience and professional HP Latex equipment are a guarantee of the perfect actualize of your idea.

We produce:

● Wall photo wallpapers
● Pictures on canvas

Beneficjent MASTERPRINT PRODUCTION HOUSE Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich „Zakup innowacyjnego oprogramowania do zarządzania procesami w drukarni w celu zwiększenia odporności przedsiębiorstwa na sytuację pandemiczną”

Głównym celem realizacji projektu jest dostosowanie warunków funkcjonowania przedsiębiorstwa do stanu pandemii oraz dążenie do optymalizacji procesów wewnętrznych firmy MASTERPRINT PRODUCTION HOUSE.

Wartość projektu: 299 100.00 PLN

Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 254 253.00 PLN

Termin realizacji projektu: 01.01.2022-31.12.2022

Sfinansowano w ramach reakcji Unii na pandemię COVID-19.

Tel.:+48 571 231 966